We are Olympians

We're a great bunch of fun, easy going, interesting people, who enjoy the challenge of finding innovative solutions to our clients' problems. And we're on a mission to revolutionise the way you work.

We value digital connection

We are an Auckland headquartered, Australasian, software engineering business. We have two office locations (Auckland and Sydney) and around 50 staff.

We punch well above our weight in the software industry having produced valuable solutions to very successful New Zealand and Australian businesses and government agencies for more than 30 years.

Our solutions are built with evolution in mind. We provide tools and proven software frameworks that help you adapt, transform, and evolve, to take advantage of increasingly digital business environments.

We listen, we understand your business needs and we work with your team to implement digital technology within your current offerings to expand your opportunities.

Our story in numbers



We have grown from 3 to more than 50 employees.



Founded in 1991 Auckland, New Zealand.



A wide range of industries and businesses all sizes and shapes.



A mix of our own IP and a couple of solutions from internationally recognised vendors.



We're very proud of our diverse, multicultural team.

Our values

Customer Value

Olympic's customers see true value, and gain returns that exceed their expectations. This is the essence of ongoing, rewarding and enjoyable business partnerships.


We believe we are the best. We thrive on competition and challenge. We never give up. We take a single minded approach to meeting our commitments and demonstrating our capabilities.

Better Tomorrow

At Olympic we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today. Through initiative, creativity, innovation and a willingness to learn, we significantly improve our performance to provide better value for our business.


We take personal responsibility for reacting quickly in making decisions, resolving issues and addressing customer needs.

Team Support

Our success depends on teamwork across all areas of the company. Team membership must rely on mutual support, individual commitment to responsibility and satisfaction from working with others.

Personal Integrity

At all times our individual activities and behaviour are conducted with personal integrity. We respect and encourage the views and achievements of others.

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