AP and purchasing automation for Dynamics 365 ERP Solutions with DX2

DX2 AP specialises in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your accounts payable, purchasing, and invoice procedures with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Central, and Dynamics GP. Our comprehensive solution empowers you to take control and seamlessly automate business workflows.

Flexible approval workflows. Boost cost and time efficiency with automation.

DX2 AP provides a powerful and highly configurable workflow and automation tool for approval. You are not limited to the Dynamics 365 core workflow engine setup, capabilities, and user licenses. At each step in the entire process, from creating and sending a purchase order to receiving and approving payable invoices, DX2 automation and workflow help you achieve operational excellence and save costs.

Fully mobile-enabled for everyone and email-based approval.

DX2 AP is fully mobile-enabled, and you do not need an App installed. You can approve or reject invoices from emails on a bus, communicate with your team and review urgent documents when you are waiting for your lunch order, or take a photo of the item in the warehouse and attach it to the purchase order in question!

AI and Templating technologies for invoice ingestion. Forget about keying them in manually.

With both AI and repeatable use of template technologies in place, as well as a variety of channels to receive a document on DX2 AP, you may never need to touch another invoice! Let the smarts in DX2 AP remove manual and mundane tasks from your team.

Track and trace the invoice’s digital journey

DX2 AP records every stage a document has been through, from initial creation to applying account coding and approval, to processing in Dynamics365. You have all the information about the document at any time.

Reconciliation and identifying discrepancies

DX2 AP simplifies and automates the process of two-way and three-way matching, reducing the time spent chasing discrepancies.

Procurement – make purchasing easy and under control.

DX2 AP empowers your organisation to modernise its procurement operations, from intelligent requisition creation to seamless request approval, and generate and transmit purchase orders to your trusted vendors.

Collaborate with your team and your vendors.

Bring the conversations out of your email inbox and right alongside the AP process and documents. Communicate internally with your team or externally with your vendors on DX2 AP in the context of the invoices to keep people up to date.

Use your data for reporting in any fashion.

Your BI team can access data through the Analytics API without additional licensing costs. Build your own reports or combine the data with other sources to see a more holistic picture of your organisation.

Options to pay by subscription and save significantly per transaction.

DX2 AP provides different payment options to organisations of all sizes and operational needs. You will find a plan that fits your business model and organisation requirements.

Using DX2 AP means more than just AP automation

Besides the AP and purchasing automation modules, DX2 AP enables your business to handle workflows and automation on other documents such as sales orders, e-invoices, forwarding instructions, ASN… and more. Now you have one tool for everything! Talk to us today to find out more.

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