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A bespoke ecommerce digital platform that is driven by you

We take the time to understand your business, and your business model and then how we can apply the intelligence from our Trader framework, to build a digital platform with your point of difference baked in.

Our core components are not tightly bound. We use them as the building blocks for your solution so that you can create a unique platform that delivers sustained competitive advantage.

Our key focus is Engagement, between the host, suppliers, customers, partners, users, and the systems.

An online trading platform that can blow your competition out of the water

At Olympic 33, we believe the ecommerce platform you choose should help you magnify all the characteristics that make your business unique. It should get you ahead of your competition instead of pigeon-holing you into a 'me too' scenario.

That's why we don't build standard ecommerce solutions like you get with Wordpress, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce or Woo Commerce, or any other off-the-shelf solutions.

We work with our clients' to analyse what an engaging digital platform would look like for them, to support the core of their business. We help establish online sales channels and flows that ultimately and fundamentally change how they connect, transact, and sell online.

So if you're looking to create an extraordinary digital platform to serve a unique experience to your customers, then you're in the right place.

Powering Australia and NZ's largest ecommerce sites

We have developed the ecommerce platforms used by the number one online supermarkets in both New Zealand and Australia, as well as the number one online liquor retailer in Australia. These systems are so dominant in their markets that there is no close second place.

The Trader digital platform with it's modular, highly configurable and extensible framework is what gives them the edge. It's tried and trusted ability to scale and perform means that you can produce an ecommerce or digital experience for your business that exceeds your customers' expectations.

Solved by Trader

Extensive functionality

Trader won't make you change your business model like off-the-shelf solutions do.

Increase user engagement

Trader lets you personalise your customer's experience.

Made for scalability

Scale up to 10s of 1000s of transactions and billions of dollars of revenue.

Easy to edit

Easily make changes to your site and your product catalogue or pricing. Enable your suppliers to manage their own product catalogues.

Simple to integrate

Trader can integrate to all of your enterprise solutions creating a seamless experience and process.

Great search

Oly Search powers the Countdown and Woolworths search delivering relevant results to the user.

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Transform your online sales channel

1. Build your audience

Attract the user to engage - whether they're customers, partners, suppliers, or franchisees.  Development of a simple, engaging and fast on-boarding or sales experience is essential.  

2. Then match make

Match parties, products and services from all sides to create a trading opportunity between them.  This matching can be driven by personal preferences, data and market strategies.

3. Provide the technology

Provide the core tools and services to facilitate the transaction such as targeted products or promotions, payments, upsell and cross-sell, targeted pricing, and more.

4. Establish the rules

Establish the rules and standards that govern the network in order to build trust and maintain quality.

Trader core components to build your own unique selling experience

Trader Core

Trader Core is our base framework that gives you the ability to customise and build on the components that fit your business.

Trader UI Components


Experience Groups

Dynamic Layouts




Advanced Search


Ecommerce capability gives you the ability to manage functions like; what you're selling, how you're going to deliver it and how you will receive payment.


Delivery / shipping integration

On Account

Flexible pricing structure

Modular products


Using Trader's extensible dynamic content creation framework, non-technical users can easily update and target site content as marketing strategies change.

Target marketing


Upselling and Cross-selling


Host portal


Runtime configurations

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