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Move to the cloud faster, with confidence

Flexible deployment of a solution that will grow with your business needs.  Excel based tools make migration simpler.  Automatic management of backups and updates ensures data is safe and the latest features are always available.

A cloud with a shield over it

Modern, user friendly user interface

Individual user personalisation and roles means an environment that works for everyone. Shortcuts and templates mean minimised key strokes for data entry.

Extend your ERP with the Microsoft stack

Make full use of web services and API’s to integrate data to or publish data from Business Central.

Solved by Business Central

Reporting your way

Dimension based chart of accounts, allowing for flexible analysis of data via your choice of reporting tool.

Security of data

Extensive, role-based security allows the securing of data to the appropriate audience.


Users personalise the interface to work for them, with no impact on data or other users.


Use master data templates to minimise errors and improve consistency of data.

Schedule tasks

Use schedules to automate tasks such as posting transactions and sending reports, keeping data up to date automatically.

Authorise and track data changes

Protect your sensitive data by implementing master file authorisations and tracking changes to data fields.

Thinking of moving your financials to the cloud?

In this white paper, you'll find questions to consider when thinking of moving, as well as a list of signs your business may be outgrowing your current accounting solution.

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Transform your finances

Remove infrastructure hassle

Move to the cloud to remove infrastructure needs and take the hassle out of environment management.


Tap into the extensive network of independent software vendors to extend your ERP beyond out of the box capabilities.

Familiar tools

Extensive use of Excel interfaces for creation and management of data linked directly to the database.


Inbuilt tools to enable extensive forecasting for sales, production and cashflow.

Power of analysis

Extend your chart of accounts with the use of dimensions to meet all reporting and analysis needs.

Made for growth

Fully featured ERP, implemented minimally for small businesses, extending out as the business grows.

BC Modules to maximise effectiveness

Financial management

Financial management scalable to your organisation.


Unlimited dimensions to extend your chart of accounts for any purpose.


Journals can be created and linked from the general ledger back to the sub-ledgers.  Recurring journals can be saved and scheduled to reduce data entry.

Bank reconciliation

Import bank statements for ease of processing transactions and reconciling accounts.


Support for any currency and any frequency of exchange rates.


Seamlessly process intercompany transactions with optional authorisation processes.


Create cashflow models including adjusted payment terms, manual entries and use these for scheduled cashflow forecasts.


Use deferrals to automatically spread annual costs across periods.

Fixed Assets

Full asset tracking including multiple depreciation books, linking to insurance policies and maintenance tracking.

Supply chain

From customer order to replenishment and production, supply chain covers it all.

Accounts receivable

Manage the full receivables processes including collection processes if needed.  Full functionality for customer pricing, discounts and campaigns.


Manage the full purchasing cycle from requisition through to payment of suppliers.  Supports vendor price lists and discounting.


Track inventory to any location and manage all associated transactions including transfers and stock counts.  Full range of costing options.

Item tracking

Use serial and lot numbers to identify specific items.


Create assemblies and sub-assemblies to produce your items taking into account all costs.

Item charges

Account for costs of landing products against items received.

Planning and forecasting

Use sales and production forecasts, lead times and order quantities to drive replenishment and production orders.

Warehouse management

Use warehousing for visibility of where stock is held in each location.


Manage bin locations including internal picks and put aways.

Automated data capture system

Use automation in a simple way to track movements of inventory.

WMS integration

For more extensive warehouse management full integration is available.


With Premium licensing, more extensive manufacturing is available.

Production orders

Greater capability than assemblies including version management and producing to variants.

Machine centers

Set up machine centers for scheduling and costing.


Create routes for production including production times,machine centers, resource requirements and costs.

Capacity planning

At a basic level, capacity planning against resources and machine centers can be viewed.

Project Management

Big or small, project management can be set up to suit your needs.


Use a copy function to enable the creation of new jobs from template for common scenarios.

Cost recognition

Variety of options available based on milestone, costs to date and project completion.


Use timesheeting to record resource time against projects.

Purchase to project

Code purchases direct to the project at the time of purchase.

Customer Relationship Management

Essential customer relationship management without the need for a full CRM.

Contact management

Setup contacts and link to customer cards.

Campaign management

Create campaigns and promote to contacts.  Track campaigns against sales transactions.

Opportunity management

Create and manage opportunities, converting them to sales.

Email logging

Track communications with contacts.

Integrate to MS Dynamics 365 CRM

Need more extensive CRM capability?  Link MS Dynamics 365 Business Central to MS Dynamics 365 CRM (separate licensing).

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