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DX2 is the solution to your modern integration challenges. It empowers you to freely adopt different systems, processes, data, and resources to deliver value across all business areas. DX2 provides advanced mechanisms for consuming and transforming data, with the support of flexible rules and workflow configurations, the resolutions to most problems are merely a setup or a configuration away from the solution you require.

Take care of both simple and complex business flows and rules.

DX2 looks after all your internal and external integration needs. Point of sales, warehouse management system, ERP, manufacturing, delivery services, external 3PL, suppliers, business customers, and more.

Cloud-based integration platform on Microsoft Azure.

No more in-house infrastructure. Maintaining and upgrading on-premise setup costs are often higher than expected, and you receive no economies of scale. DX2 is a managed service sitting on Microsoft Azure. Let us worry about the infrastructure so you can focus on the important businesses.

Track and trace the document’s digital journey. Amend and retry.

DX2 records every stage a document has been through from source to destination. For example, a document may fail at the stage of sending to the target ERP’s API. You can see the complete timeline and even retry certain actions. You have all the information about the document at any time.

Fully mobile-enabled for everyone.

DX2 is fully mobile-enabled, and you do not need an App installed. With your mobile device in hand, you can manage an EDI error while travelling, query the list of documents while waiting for your takeaway, or download a human-readable PDF version of an EDI document at home!

Flexible rules, powerful workflow. All are managed on a user-friendly, modern UI.

Traditionally, data transformations, rules, and flows for integrations were difficult to read and understand. They stayed in the back end where only the IT guru could make sense of them. Extensibility was often limited as well. DX2 provides you with a modern practice that makes the setup and administration more robust, transparent, and manageable.

Collaborate with your team and your trading partners.

Bring the conversations out of your email inbox and right alongside the data exchange. Communicate internally with your team or externally with your trading partner on DX2 in the context of the document to keep people up to date.

Attach additional information, files, and dimensions to your digital data.

In DX2, you have the option to add tags, attach files, link related documents, or comment on the data. This provides additional information for tracking, analysis, and reporting.

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The digital transformation of our clients

DX2 gives ETCO better visibility of spend as and when it happens
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Antares speed up their delivery and payment processes by using DX2 as an EDI solution

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Transform the way you work

Say no to manual entry

Remove manual data entry and speed up processing of invoice and order docs allowing your business to grow without the associated admin load

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Connect your team

Eliminate the need for conversations via email, and collaborate with your distributed team right alongside the documents on one platform with everything accessible via mobile or desktop devices.

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Maximise profit

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Better analyse costs and performance with increased visibility of key data providing the opportunity for profit growth

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Digitise any document

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Send or receive any doc or file type - credit notes, invoices, despatch advice, purchase orders, sales orders, receipt advice. File formats such as xml, cxml, csv, pdf etc.

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Go digital at your pace

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DX2 has an extensive range of functionality but you can choose just some of it or all of it enabling you to go digital at the pace that suits your organisation.

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Made for growth

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Scale up as your business grows, DX2 is powered by Microsoft Azure allowing you to scale up as and when you need.

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The digital transformation
of our clients

PGW Wrightson and Dairy Holdings Ltd set up digital delivery of invoices saving time and money
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Burger King choose DX2 for improved accounts payable efficiency and productivity

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