Antares speed up their delivery and payment processes by using DX2 as an EDI solution
Steffan Braks
Restaurant Accounting Manager Burger King NZ | Antares Restaurant Group Limited
"Overall I found this project to be something that has helped the DC to be more efficient as they can now focus on other more important tasks."
"The DX2 team worked on getting the file transformations working and testing was straight forward for the NBO to DC, and then working with GF and Halls for getting sorted on their systems meant some patience in getting the right people involved but we got it sorted and in place. "   
"I also found that once we went live with the process, and discovered  other little tweaks or issues, the DX2 team was good at finding a solution to resolve these. For example, orders with a 0 quantity would fail so that was changed, and if by user error at the restaurant, a blank line was at the end of order, it would also fail so this was also resolved, which has now means the DC very rarely have to key orders manually."

The Overview 

Antares Restaurant Group (the exclusive franchisee for Burger King in NZ) are on a mission to get more of their business processes and documents digital with the aim of improving efficiency and productivity across their business.

Antares have been digital innovators for some time, using DX2 for several years as their EDI solution giving them access to all the benefits of digital data exchange. Antares utilise DX2 to automatically send purchase orders and receive invoices to/from their largest suppliers. This makes this entire process, that involves several thousand documents every month, as smooth as possible.  

In 2020 Antares approached the DX2 team with a request to further improve these EDI integrations. 


The Challenge 

Antares were still manually keying purchase orders for their restaurant orders and having to write out the transport requests for delivery drivers. Restaurant orders for buns were having to be keyed into a form and then emailed by the restaurant to the supplier.

This entire manual keying process and writing up forms was taking their Distribution Centre team at least 9 hours per week.

For bun orders and transport requests received by the supplier, it was again manually keyed into the supplier systems. All of this added up to a whole lot of inefficiency and the Antares team wanted to automate the process as much as possible.  


The Approach 

For all three projects Olympic work-shopped and documented the requirements using our Project Managers, Business Analysts and Senior Developers working with the client. The workshops often also involved Antares’ Suppliers (including remote Suppliers) and third-party providers. Olympic completed all the development needed on the DX2 and ERP applications including initial testing then supported Antares during end-to-end testing using an Agile project approach.  Our Olympic Project Manager worked closely with the Antares Delivery Manager to keep the projects within budget and the required timeframes.   


The Solution  

The Olympic/Antares teams delivered the following:  

Restaurant Ordering – The 75 Burger King restaurants order via a third-party application (NCR Back Office), the orders are automatically picked up by DX2 and transformed to the required format for Antares’ ERP application. The Burger King Distribution Centre then checks and processes the orders. This new process has saved hours of keying for the users who can now focus on their logistics work.

Halls Roadways integrations – Once the above orders are approved by the Distribution Centre DX2 picks up the order and splits the contents into Frozen, Dry and Chilled Ship Requests and sends these to Halls Roadways via DX2.  Halls in return sends their invoices back to DX2 where they are integrated into Antares’ ERP application.   

Goodman Fielder(Quality Bakers) orders – Product orders for Goodman Fielder are raised by the restaurants via the same third-party application, NCR, as above. DX2 transforms the orders to the format required by Goodman Fielder, including various value mappings for Restaurant IDs, item codes, UOM conversions and vendor ID, and sends the orders to Goodman Fielder. The invoice is also transformed and sent to Antares’ ERP application.   



- The team in the Antares distribution centre are saving 9+ hours per week in manually keying these orders and transport requests.

- There are no more paper forms sent with orders, no order forms to keep up to date as that is all managed in the back office system.

- Higher accuracy rates for orders due to the removal of manual keying.  

- The orders can be processed by the DC faster, meaning they can be picked and delivered faster.  

- Bun orders go directly to Goodman Fielder therefore the team at GF no longer need people re-keying the bun orders from their end.

- DX2 manages the various item, UOM and code mapping between customer and suppliers during the journey and Antares have access to add new value mapping as needed.  

- Antares really like DX2’s unique ability to track errors and self-diagnose. This feature allows the Antares team to track where documents are in the process, and they can retry documents when something has gone awry.  


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