Delivery of a single time and expense recording platform for more than 170 staff.
Sean Geary
Management Accountant

The Situation

In 2017, Otago Regional Council (ORC), based in Dunedin and with a number of regional offices and depots around the region, were seeking a single time and expense recording platform to record time and expenses for around 170 staff.  

The Challenge

The system needed to be an organisation-wide time recording solution and was required to streamline and simplify business processes while enabling the following requirements:

·      To record employees attendance at work or absence on leave

·      To record employees time against work activities

·      To provide for cost recovery from either internal or external customers

·      To provide for allocation and monitoring of resources.

The application also needed to meet the following ORC needs and objectives:

1. To consolidate multiple time and expense recording systems and processes on a single time and expense recording platform

2. To provide the flexibility to support the variable operational needs of ORC and enable all ORC staff to conveniently record time and expenses with minimal assistance.

3. Provide the capabilities that enable the continuous improvement, consolidation and evolution of time-recording processes and workflow.

4. Provide integration services that enable the exchange of data with ORC's FMIS and Payroll system.

5. Be able to fit within the current provided technical and security requirements of ORC.

6. Support the capture and classification of actual time and expenses for billing, cost recovery, and performance measurement.

The Solution

The Go solution was delivered to Otago Regional Council users on budget, and on time, in September 2018. The following quote is from the Project Manager that delivered the project at ORC at the time of Go Live.

"Life at ORC is about to be revolutionised – not only will you be able to enter time anywhere, any time, but the new system allows us to be paperless for time entry, the application of leave and the inputting of your expense claims. Imagine a workplace where you no longer must chase your manager to sign off any of your requests or completed time, then rushing to Finance to meet deadlines. You can from your phone, tablet, iPad, or even the comfort of your own home in your PJs, enter all these items. Training on this system is now on – prepare to be more efficient, accountable and most of all environmentally friendly."
Project Manager (previous), Otago Regional Council

"For our timesheet, expenses and leave project with Olympic, our needs were met with improvements acknowledged by many users and the finance team are now less transaction focused. The team at Olympic were professional, diligent, knowledgeable and keen to see the implementation succeed.”
Sean Geary
Management Accountant, Otago Regional Council

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