How DX2 delivered time and cost savings to NZ’s largest corporate dairy farming organisation
Morgan Galbraith
Chief Financial Officer

The Overview

Dairy Holdings Limited (DHL), based in the South Island, is the largest corporate dairy farming organisation in NZ. DHL operate across 60 dairy farms and 16 grazing block giving a total of 76 operations. At an operational level, the farms are operated by Farm Managers, Contract Milkers and Sharemilkers. The Farm Operators are managed by Farm Supervisors. The Farm Supervisors manage a portfolio of farms in their respective region.

The Challenge

Dairy Holdings Limited process around 1,500 invoices per month. These invoices were received (usually in a PDF format via email) and processed via Head Office using a very manual system. The invoices were printed and then distributed (by being physically driven) to each of the 76 farms for rejection or approval.  The whole process took several weeks.

“With in excess of 1000 invoices per month each needing to be authorised by up to 3 signing delegations, spanning the greater part of the South Island, Dairy Holdings were in desperate need of an efficient invoice approval system. The cost and time of physically delivering these invoices to individual farms has been very time consuming and unproductive.”

The Approach

With DX2, DHL is now able to turn these PDF invoices into digital data using DX2 Capture. The Accounts team code the invoices with the appropriate GL codes, and split the expenses across several GL codes when necessary. The invoices are then sent for digital approval via DX2 Approvals. Once approved the invoices are sent direct to their ERP solution, Dynamics GP, for payment.

With the ability to collaborate on DX2, the DHL Accounts team can provide updates and messages to Farm Operators or Farm Supervisors right alongside the invoice. This means that these historic conversations and notes can easily be referred back to, and are captured inside the workspace reducing the need to use external communication methods.

The Conclusion

DX2 is delivering these benefits to the team at DHL:
  • Transforming work by changing the way the work is done
  • Spend control
  • Empowering staff by delivering a digitally powered and connected workspace
  • Escaping the constraints of time and place by providing a digital platform that is available 24/7
  • Driving engagement and collaboration in a border-less way to build networks and partnerships.
“With this lockdown in place, if we weren’t on DX2, it would have been a complete nightmare. We’re all able to work from our individual homes. We just couldn’t do without it.”

The Future

We are now working with several of DHL’s largest suppliers in an effort to receive their invoices in digital form rather than the usual PDF form via email.  This will enable the invoices to be imported direct to DX2 Approvals saving even more time in processing for the DHL team and also ensuring that these invoices can be processed as quickly as possible for the supplier. Read more about this in our article “PGW Wrightson and Dairy Holdings set up digital delivery of invoices saving time and money.”

“The feedback from the whole team from the Finance Team to the Farm Supervisors and Farm Operators, has been very positive. Our users have found DX2 to be user friendly and not too daunting to learn. Viewing the attachment (copy of invoices) is a great advantage. The security of knowing that every invoice has been signed off for payment as per the delegated authority is invaluable. The Administration Team requirement to handle an invoice more than once has been reduced dramatically, this in itself is significant! Olympic has offered a great support network. Any questions, enhancements and problems have been answered in a timely manner. Any supporting notes/instructions are provided in an easy to understand format.”

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